History of Our Law Firms in Windsor and Kensington

We have a history of dealing with complex and ground breaking cases. We endeavour to provide innovative solutions to difficult legal problems. Our solicitors have been involved in the following high profile / reported cases.

Civil & Public Law

N v UBK : Breach of Contract (robbery from bank safety deposit boxes –  security of costs against legally aided defendant)
AVL v LBH : Public Law (allegations of malpractice within LBH)
K v Home Office : Public law & National Security
HCA v WDC : Judicial Review (Challenge against deregulation of Hackney Carriage licences)
H v W : Divorce & Finance – international jurisdictional issues
R v K & G : Murder & Arson (bugging of defendant’s cells & legal conferences)
R v N & Others : Murder (Honour Killing – led to calls for Govt. to set up inquiry on forced marriages)
R v J : Murder/Manslaughter (road rage, established PTSD, defendant denied murder but defence ran self-defence)
R v G K : Breach of Public Duty by Police Officer (spying for Saudi secret services)
R v M & W : Multiple Murders ( murder spree from Essex to Yorkshire. Police bugged defendant’s homes)
R v Y : Fraud (prosecution concealed disclosure)
R v S H : Murder
R v R & Others : Money Laundering / Duty Diversion Fraud (trial collapsed as a result of defence disclosure applications and led to an internal investigation within HMRC as to the conduct of the prosecution)
R v R & Others : Murder & Affray ( resulting from Bradford Riots )
R v P : Rape (First case to use Facebook in Defence)
R v M H & others : GBH S18 (excessive use of force beyond self defence on burglar – led to a call for a change of the law to offer more protection to Home owners)
R v P S & Others : Largest money-laundering and drugs prosecution in UK, 16 trials ( two year Met surveillance operation )
R v K : Attempted Murder of Police Officer (youngest defendant to be held at the High Security Unit within Belmarsh Prison)
R v K : Transatlantic Airplane Bombing Plot
R v WH : GBH S18 (retrial of defendant’s use of excessive force on a burglar)
R v JS : Murder
R v AK : Conspiracy to Pervert Course of Justice (defendant was a practising solicitor.)
R v O & others : Cash for Crash (the country’s first criminal prosecution  involving a fatality)
Z v N : Stranded Spouse (guidance given regarding filing of statements by non-English speaking witnesses living abroad)
K v SSHD : Deprivation of Nationality (error by defendant as to his true nationality)

We employ sophisticated systems including a specialised case management system, to ensure matters are dealt with efficiently and expeditiously.

Client Care

This is at the heart of everything we do. We comply with the strict rules laid down for the legal profession by the Solicitors Regulation Authority with the view to providing an excellent personal legal service.

Our lawyers are encouraged to obtain the highest professional standards in their careers; and as a result many of them are members of professional bodies, and therefore recognised as experts in their fields of law.